Opening hours

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Opening hours

The medicinal spa is open all year, from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and from 9 am to 7 pm on weekends and holidays.

The open-air swimming pool is open in the summer season, between 1 May and 30 September if weather permits, from 9 am to 7 pm every day. Night swimming from 7.30 pm to 11 pm.


Rheumatology service: on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm. Consultant physician: Dr. Katalin Horváth, rheumatologist.

Gyógyfürdő nyitvatartás

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A gyógyfürdő megnyitásra kerül. A gyógyászati kezeléseink 2021. október 01-től ismét várják Önöket!

A gyógyfürdő vendéglátó egységei szintén üzemelnek

Hétfőtől péntekig: 8.00-19.00

Szombat-vasánap: 9.00-19.00

Kérjük jegyváltás előtt szíveskedjenek a belépési feltételekről, illetve az üzemelő medencékről a Hírek menüpontbna, vagy elérhetőségeinken tájékozódni!

Október 4-én a gyógyfürdő áramszünet miatt zárva tart!

Tel: 74/465-454


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Wellness services

Our wellness services offer refreshment to the body and the soul. Visitors can enjoy the Finnish sauna or the infrared sauna, which are equipped with light, fragrance and music therapy facilities, or may choose the steam shower cubicle, the open-air Finnish sauna house, the Jacuzzi or the solarium. The salt therapy room offers a remedy for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions. We also offer unique feng shui body treatments, detoxifying and stress-relieving programmes. Visitors can choose from a variety of massage treatments, including traditional Swedish massage, body massage using essential oils, honey or chocolate, or a form of massage specifically developed to reduce cellulites.

Finnish sauna: the sauna consists of a room made of resin-free pine that is heated to 80-110°C by hot volcanic rocks. Hot air causes body temperature to rise, resulting in the dilating of the blood vessels and thus a reduction of blood pressure. The cold bath and shower have the opposite effect: blood vessels contract and blood pressure rises. This pump action helps improve circulation. The treatment is beneficial for motor dysfunction and problematic catarrhs in the air passages. Sauna also improves the condition of the skin, making it more supple, and helping clear sebaceous glands. It also supports the natural immune system.

Steam shower: for those who find the sauna too hot, the wet clouds of the steam shower offer a relaxing environment at roughly 40-45°C. Sweating is guaranteed, mostly because of the high humidity (approx. 90-95%). Its beneficial effects are similar to those of the sauna, but while the sauna causes intensive sweating, steam, which is less hot, has a more gentle effect. Hot air does not only help you relax, but also promotes the release of endorphin, also known as the happiness hormone. The steam cabin helps lose those unwanted pounds, too. It can reduce your weight used on its own, but combined with non-exhaustive exercise outstanding improvements can be achieved in body weight and level of fitness. A pleasant half an hour can help you lose as much liquid and energy as running a medium distance, and without the associated burden on your joints.

Infrared sauna: The infrared sauna complements very well the aroma and colour therapies. It is well known that colours contain various forms of energy that affect us. Intensive colour therapy can be used for prevention of illness and as a supplementary treatment for physiological and mental health issues.

Salt therapy: Salt therapy treatments utilise the beneficial effects of salt, and offer an excellent way to protect your health, prevent a variety of conditions and strengthen your immune system. The salt fills the air in the room with microorganisms, creating a unique atmosphere that efficiently clears air passages.

The air has a beneficial negative charge, and contains a variety of chemical elements that your system needs, including iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

 Salt therapy is recommended for:

  • - bronchial asthma
  • - chronic catarrhal nasal, pharyngeal and laryngeal inflammations
  • - chronic sinusitis
  • - coniosis
  • - various allergies and hypersensitivity
  • - skin conditions (cellulites)
  • - heart and cardiovascular conditions
  • - gastric and duodenal ulcer
  • - neurosis, exhaustion, stress, weakened immune system
  • - thyroid issues
  • - disorders of metabolism

 Feng shui: Dermalife Spa utilises the healing power of water in the treatments. It makes it possible to treat skin with a combination of steam and infrared light. These effects mutually complement and strengthen each other, and reach even the deepest layers of your skin. The slimming and skin replenishing effects are outstanding.

Dermalife Hydrofusion is a healing energy that cleans and detoxifies your body, restores the natural moisture of the skin, and strengthens your natural immune system.

Infrared light penetrates the skin and opens the pores. The infrared rays generate skin in the uppermost layers of the skin, and the circulation of the blood transfers that heat to the muscle tissues. Body temperature rises to a pleasant degree, circulation, skin breathing and oxygen intake are improved, and the natural purification processes of the body are enhanced.  

Swedish massage: The long, circular caresses are complemented by kneading so as to relax and soften muscles.

Refreshing and energising massages: We recommend the refreshing massage to those who do not feel as lively as they used to and those who are facing a great challenge they wish to tackle successfully. The refreshing massages utilise the techniques of the Swedish massage, but also apply massage lotions and oils. The massage relaxes tired and stressed muscles, improves concentration, enhances the immune system, boosts circulation, and energise both your body and your soul.

Massage with essential oils: The various oils used or this massage affect the limbic system and thus your emotions. This is why they are also used to cure emotional problems. The primary objective of the aroma therapy is to revitalise and purify the body and the soul. The therapy consists of massage, inhalation and bathing in ethereal oils.

Cellulites massage: This massage activates blood and lymphatic circulation, thus improving the removal of waste. The skin area treated becomes red as the massage oil dilates the capillaries.

 Massage with honey: The healing capacity of honey is used to purify and detoxify your body. Honey is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps regulate the energy flow of the body, and restores the healthy balance. It helps eliminate the irregular adhesion of connective tissue. The vitamins and minerals that honey contains reach the deep layers of the skin, and help remove waste.

The skin becomes spectacularly smooth and supple. Honey also enhances the immune system, and it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant substance. Recommended for spinal conditions, neck, shoulder and back ache, rheumatic issues, neuralgia, joint problems, bladder conditions, migraine, recurrent infections, chronic fatigue, and depression.

 Massage with chocolate: During this treatment, techniques from Swedish massage are used to rub a soft cream or oil containing chocolate essence into the skin. These rich ingredients make your skin smooth and supple. The antioxidants chocolate contains promote cell regeneration, rehydrate and tighten skin, replenish missing minerals, make skin velvety and soft, and are also effective for cellulites.

Relaxing aromatic massage: Aromatic massage builds on the techniques of Swedish massage, and uses soft, gentle and calm movements aimed at relaxing your muscles. We use a fragrant massage oil for the treatment, which permeates the skin to enhance the relaxing effect, and calm the senses.  

The deep caresses support the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids. Kneading relaxed the muscles and eliminates tension. Inspiration and heart rate are normalised, and disorders of sleep are also alleviated.

 Active recreational facilities in the open-air swimming pool:

Two sandy beach volley ball courts, a beach football pitch, a basketball board, a table-tennis table ping-pong and a footvolley court.

Aqua fitness: exercise performed in water following the instructions of a physiotherapist to music. This way of doing exercises is particularly gentle on the joints, but it does improve fitness and massages subdermal tissues.