Opening hours

Strandfürdő nyitvatartás

Opening hours

The medicinal spa is open all year, from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and from 9 am to 7 pm on weekends and holidays.

The open-air swimming pool is open in the summer season, between 1 May and 30 September if weather permits, from 9 am to 7 pm every day. Night swimming from 7.30 pm to 11 pm.


Rheumatology service: on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm. Consultant physician: Dr. Katalin Horváth, rheumatologist.

Gyógyfürdő nyitvatartás

A gyógyfürdő új nyitva tartása 2020.augusztus 28-tól:

Minden nap 9.00 - 19.00 h

A gyógyászati részleg továbbra sem üzemel.

Wellness kezeléseink előzetes időpont egyeztetést követően vehetőek igénybe.

Rheumatológiai szakrendelés


Why subscribe?

Medical services

Balneology treatments funded by the National Health Insurance Fund


  • pool bath
  • bath in tub
  • mud packing
  • weight bath
  • carbonated bath
  • medicinal massage
  • underwater massage
  • group exercise underwater
  • various remedial gymnastics treatments

How to make use of the treatments

NHIF-sponsored treatments are available to all Hungarian citizens with a valid national health insurance card.

The NHIF-sponsored rheumatology services offered at the medicinal spa may be used twice a year as prescribed by a specialist doctor.

The prescription is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. The customer must commence the treatment within that period. All treatment sessions must be used up within 56 days from the start date, because the prescription is only valid for 56 days.

After the treatments have been prescribed, please contact the spa dispatcher to book an appointment. Missed treatments will only be completed if you can present a letter from a doctor, and a new appointment is made.

You can also book an appointment by phone at (74) 465-335, between 8 am and 3 pm on weekdays.

Other healthcare services


The medical section offers a selection of other funded treatments, which are all provided by professionally qualified staff: individual exercise, electrified limb bath, electrified bath in a tub, special galvanic treatments, stable galvanic, Kowarsik galvanic, Bougignon galvanic, and Bergonier galvanic treatments), iontophoresis, selective electric stimulation treatments, interference, diadynamic, ultrasound, and magnetotherapy.

 01 - Thermal pool: The healing power of water lies in its mechanical, thermal and chemical characteristics. The mechanical effect is the buoyancy force, i.e. hydrostatic pressure. High temperatures (32 - 38°C) support circulation and peripheral circulation, and increases minute ventilation. Some of the chemical compounds in medicinal water work their effect through the skin, others have a pharmacological effect once they get into the blood stream.

An essential component of any bath therapy is the regular repetition of subliminal stimuli that affect the central nervous system and through that the entire neurohormonal system. Medicinal water can bring about changes in skin temperature, muscle strength, muscle volume and circulation. It may alleviate muscle pain, disorders of the motor system, and swelling in joints. Experience shows that water rich in hydrogen carbonate, in conjunction with intensive thermal and other stimuli, can also be effectively used in rheumatic conditions and chronic inflammations.


02 - Thermal bath in a tub: The treatment takes place in a tub filled with medicinal water, under the supervision of qualified staff. Having a bath in a tub is recommended for those who are suffering from a non-infectious skin disease (e.g. psoriasis), have incontinency or severe heart or cardiovascular conditions.


03 - Mud packing: Medicinal mud from Hévíz is used for the treatment. The mud is heated to 42°C, and placed on the appropriate body part. This treatment is used for chronic inflammations, rheumatic and degenerative diseases.


04 - Weight bath: The most important conservative treatment for spinal wear and degenerative diseases. It is administered in a pool filled with medicinal water. The patient is supported from the neck or under the armpits, depending on their weight, and weights may be placed on the waist and ankles using a belt.

The objective of the treatment is to distance the vertebrae gently (supported by buoyancy). This effectively lengthens the spine, making it possible to restore the original state of vertebral discs.


05- Carbonated bath: This treatment is recommended for peripheral circulatory conditions and vasoconstriction. The patient sits in a special tub while the CO2, absorbed in hot steam, works its effect. The released carbonic acid covers the patient's body in small bubbles. This causes the skin to blush, dilates capillaries, facilitates blood flow and aids the functioning of coronary arteries. It also has a vegetative calming effect, which is ideal for mild heart conditions, post-infarction, fatigue, and conditions caused by stress. It is recommended when the blood supply of any organ needs to be improved. It can also be used for diabetes, old-age or hormonal decalcification, and to improve the functioning of the vegetative nervous system. It is also excellent for preventing and treating osteoporosis.

06- Medical massage: A massages can be rejuvenating, in-bath or medicinal. The objective is to relax tense muscles and painful body parts, as well as to improve circulation  in the muscles. It restores the suppleness of the skin through increasing blood flow, removes the waste deposited in the bottom layers of the skin, and increases the output of the muscles through improving circulation.

07 - Underwater massage: As a result of the combined effect of massage and medicinal water, muscles are relaxed, and worn joints become more mobile.

08 - Underwater group exercise: The exercises are performed under the supervision of and as instructed by qualified physiotherapists. Buoyancy reduced the weight of any body moving under water, so the exercise does not stress the joints, and can be done even by patients with joint pain.

09 - Complex balneology treatment: Contains four of the above eight medical treatments and the various remedial gymnastics programmes. The medical treatments are prescribed if medically justified. Treatments may only be prescribed by the resident rheumatologist of the spa. Constant medical supervision is provided throughout the programme, so that the prescribed treatments can be changed as the programme progresses.

Individual or group remedial gymnastics: With assistance and supervision from a qualified physiotherapist. Remedial gymnastics is an organic part of a complex physiotherapy programme. Group gymnastics may focus on arms, the neck and the shoulders, the hips, the legs, or the spine. remedial gymnastics is a special form of movement therapy, which uses various exercises and accessories (e.g. physioball, dumbbells, fitness band, dynair cushion, wall bars, etc.) to restore the original function of a dysfunctional organ or body part.

During individual training, the patient undergoes a tailored therapy with assistance from the doctor so as to restore the original function of a problematic organ or body part. The psychological, constitutional and age characteristics of the patient are also taken into account. Special individual exercises offered: Bobath, Terrier, Magnus.

Galvanic four-cell bath: The treatment is based on applying a combination of medicinal water and voltaic current on the limbs. It is primarily recommended for residual symptoms of neural pain and inflammations, but also, to a lesser extent, for degenerative disorders.


Electrified bath: A combination of the beneficial effects of electricity and hydrotherapy. Treatment is administered in waters of different temperatures. Direct current is conducted into a bath tub filled with medicinal water. The treatment improves circulation and reduces pain. It is mainly used for diseases that affect more than one joints or body areas at the same time. It is an excellent remedy for pains radiating from the neck or the waist into limbs, and for neural inflammation.

Ultrasound: Micromassage created by mechanic vibrations, which has both chemical and thermic effects. It reduces inflammations, relaxes muscles, relieves pain, dilates blood vessels and promotes epithelisation. It can be used effectively for a tense neck and shoulders, joint wear and small joint pain in the spine.  

Magnetotherapy: The magnetic field improves the oxygen supply of the cells, and accelerates the exchange of ions within the cells. As a result of the faster ion migration, waste is excreted sooner, so inflammation and the related pains can be reduced. It is recommended for degenerative diseases, muscle weakness and rigidity, and as after-treatment for injuries. The method is based on the biological effect of a pulsating electromagnetic field, which causes bone generation to increase. As the body part in question is not heated up, it can also be effectively used for patients with metal prosthetics.


Diadynamic, interference: These treatments alleviate inflammations and relieve pain. They are based on delivering a variety of electricity impulses of variable strength and for easily adjusted lengths of time. It is an excellent treatment of chronic pain (various syndromes, tense muscles and some neural pains). The effect is primarily pain relief,  but the blood flow is also stimulated. Medium-frequency interference current acts at a deeper level. It can be used not only for pain relief and to reduce joint swellings, but also to absorb local oedemas.


Iontophoresis: Using voltaic current to deliver various medicines and medically active substances through the skin into the dysfunctional body parts. The treatment focus can be local or general: reduce muscle pains,  the effects of overexhaustion, arthritis, or accelerate the absorption of oedemas, and softens scar tissue.


Stable galvanic bath: Can be used with both descendant and ascendant current. It can be used effectively to treat arthritis and neuralgic pain radiating into arms or legs.


Tens: Stimulates muscles and nerves. Recommended treatment for chronic joint pain, muscle pain, osteoporosis, ischialgia, and reducing neural pain, because it alleviates neural pain, strengthens and relaxes muscles, and accelerates regeneration.


All treatments are delivered and supervised by qualified staff, observing the requirements defined in Decree of the Minister of Public Health  17/1997 (IV.30.).